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How to build a digital marketing strategy for Business targeting growth in 2021

This pandemic is showing a great impact on business and is urging many businesses to come online and get back on track. Doing business online is not facile, but one thing which can help your business grow is Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing plays a vital role in driving our business online. For gaining a safe and fruitful journey you need to create and plan a strategy for your digital marketing and attain growth for your business.
Asking me, what factors need to be taken into consideration while planning a digital marketing strategy for businesses that aim to grow in 2021. Here are those factors –

1. Optimization:

Be clear on your website structure. Think from the perspective of the user what the user wants? and accordingly, optimize your website. Always keep an eye on your website speed, it should be quick and responsive, as in today’s world, everyone needs a solution faster, in order to cope up with this problem you need to be fully optimized.

2. Responsive:

According to current surveys, 55% of the global web traffic is from mobile users that tell us about the next important aspect i.e. Responsiveness or in simple terms Mobile-friendly website. Your website should be mobile responsive for the best user experience.

3. Security:

It is an important aspect as nowadays many cyber-attacks occur and cause loss of sensitive data of your business and the users. For this, you need to take proactive steps to secure your website to avoid attacks.

4. GMB - Google My Business:

Nowadays, almost every problem has a solution on google, whether it be related to a particular service or a product. Being on GMB helps you to get found out by your customers very efficiently. It helps you to get your potential customer by analyzing your services and displaying your business, it also allows you to be located on a map that makes it easier for the customer.

5. Social Media:

Social Media plays a crucial role in generating valuable and potential customers hence driving traffic to the website. Being on social media helps your customers to know about your business and helps in building trust.
Also, Social media advertising helps you to promote your business according to your targets. Social media help you to showcase your product or service in a creative and engaging way that builds a healthy relationship with customers.

6. SEO or PPC

SEO-Search Engine Optimization & PPC-Pay Per Click also helps you to drive traffic towards the website.
Your financial capabilities and marketing budgets help you to choose and understand what suits your business the best. SEO or PPC both are the digital marketing strategies that help to rank in google. PPC is suitable for some quick sales and for the business that is struggling with Organic Search.
SEO is done for a long time run If you aim for growth in the future. SEO is the thing to invest and it helps you to drive organic traffic towards your website at no cost. Once your SEO id is set up and your business starts ranking on google, you will automatically gain high-quality organic traffic. On other hand, you can choose both SEO & PPC depending on your targets.
As per recent studies, 40% of businesses have come online and this is the golden chance to get your business online and start setting it up. By following this digital marketing strategy, you can start building your own digital business and gain potential and valuable customers. Go digital and see the magic happening!