The Advisory Council, a dynamic blend of corporate leaders, creative innovators, startup founders, investors, and social impact champions, collaborates to mentor and nurture Talents for their holistic development and success.

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We need your expertise to inspire young minds

Be a source of inspiration, share your professional experience with young aspirants and help them build a better career. Join us as a key partner in the forefront of career guidance in the digital marketing space, mentor them to progress and upscale in the right direction of their profession.

We truly believe talents are game-changers, but they need direction. Our Advisory Council is part of this growing mission to promote learning.

Over 3.5 crore Indians are unemployed & a majority of them are from tier 2 cities. Why?
Partner with us to provide a few of them a solution
Empowering Talent for the digital future, elevating skills and paving their way for lucrative careers. Our commitment to career guidance ensures they perform better, and earn better with us, or somewhere else. At times, our experts help us in securing job placements and unlocking earning potential for our talents.
Our Industry mentors
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Preetham Kiron


Regina De Luca


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Akanksha Nayal