Empower your business with tailored insights from our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. City &Talent envisions new growth possibilities by extracting the utmost value from your data, guiding informed decision-making for your company’s success.

BI - Reimagine data like never before.
#06 reasons to have BI for your business

of organisations believe their data is not used to its fullest extent

Most companies wonder how to do more with data

Based on industry findings, approx. 47% of businesses attest that analytics significantly enhances their decision-making processes. Furthermore, 15% emphasise its pivotal role in advancing key strategic decisions, initiatives, and an additional 10% recognise data’s contribution to strengthening relationships with both customers and business partners.

Where Do You Stand In Data For Your Business?
Data Novice

No clue about your data and how to use it?


Know the potential of data but not sure how to use it.


Already working on data and want to leverage it for better results .

Data Maestro

Already Using Data. Implement advanced strategies to optimise it.

BI Strategy

Our 10 steps framework for your businesses

Set objectives for your Business Intelligence
Understand current data sources and value
Align your overall business needs with BI
Set clear metrics to track ROI from your BI dashboard
Identify your Key Performance Indicators - KPIs
Produce a clear BI strategy and roadmap
Create an entire BI competency checklist
Create a data dictionary for your entire team
Foster trust in your BI system for the stakeholders
Assess results after a set time period for future
Our Expertise
Power Apps help you turn your raw data into high-quality, meaningful data, giving you more valuable insights for your critical business decisions.
Business Intelligence can weed out your worries about managing and storing big data and helps in efficient and secure management of your data.
Convert your raw and monotonous data into engaging, insightful, and visualized data to understand your data better using Power BI applications.
Get your personalized portable reports with unlimited insights and KPIs per your requirements with a few clicks with Power BI
Using Power BI, get to the details of any KPIs using the convenient drill-down options, which give you a hassle-free and detailed insight into any parameter.
Automate the data extraction, transformation, and loading processes from multiple sources to improve efficiency and keep everything in sync round the clock.
Who we can help

Who we can help

Unlock the power of data science for businesses of all sizes! Whether you’re a startup, small business, or a large enterprise, we’re here to guide you. From helping you grasp the potential of data to implementing the right structures for decision-making, we make data science accessible and beneficial for every business. Let’s shape success together!

We unlock the potential of data for startups, guiding them in collecting, transforming, and processing data to make informed decisions. Propel your startup toward success with our expertise.

Small and Medium Businesses:

Empower small businesses with AI, data science, analytics, and ML. We help accelerate your expansion by leveraging the power of advanced technologies tailored to your specific needs.

Large Enterprises:

Navigate the complexities of large enterprises by enhancing data systems and processes through advanced data science techniques. Even if you’re leveraging data science, we bring a fresh perspective for continuous improvement.
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