SEO in 2021: Video, Voice, and FAQs

Ranking higher is important, whether it be in a school competition or in the SEO competition. SEO in 2021 is becoming an important part of the digital growth of a business. To achieve this adapting change in Google’s Algorithm, regularly updating the content and many more practices are essential.
Since the beginning of Pandemic, every business is starting to make their online presence by setting up their business online. Whether it be offline or online, Competition is everywhere. A good SEO can help you perform better in online competition.

The latest trends for SEO in 2021 majorly focus on Videos, Voice, and FAQs.

1. Video Content

In 2021, using videos and graphics for marketing is in great demand especially after the Pandemic hit us and everything is moving online. Video content plays a vital role in attracting your users and boosting your online growth. Moving an Eye on the graph of the demand for video content in the past decade, it is growing at a decent rate and will forever grow.
Properly identifying the Content of the Video and choosing the right keywords to do the SEO is crucial and will decide the outcome of the SEO done in terms of Ranking or the Sales you get using the content. So, using video content in the Sales strategy along with meeting the demands of users is the best strategy you can implement in establishing your organically increasing your Digital Growth.
A few of the biggest examples of the increase in Video Content are the user graph and or watch hours of YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram Reels. These are pure examples of how demand for video content is increasing daily. Most of the users involved directly or indirectly are the youths, and the youths are never going to stop exploring and showing their creativity which will increase the video content forever.

2. Voice Content

People love multi-tasking, and always will. Back then Voice Search was only limited to Iron Man. But now, making your presentations and reports while searching for content with voice commands on Alexa or Siri is a boon.Voice Recognition technology allows users to do multiple things by saying a few keywords. The same applies to voice-based searches on search engines.

But how can you do SEO on voice-based searches?

Careful identification and analysis of what keywords do the users say while doing a voice-based search and using those keywords in your content will help you rank better on Search Engines on voice-based SEO. Voice-based SEO is not much famous now but soon is going to be common soon due to the advancement of technology and the increase in the number of users adopting voice-based technology.

3. FAQs

FAQs also known as Frequently Asked Questions are the sections that provide a quick answer or solution to everything. Users today are too busy staying on long calls with the customer care executives and waiting for the solution to their problems. Instead, they do them on their own by visiting the FAQ Section of the Company. Just like Video Contents, the graph of FAQs is also continuously rising and will always keep on rising.
More and more users are looking forward to solving minor issues on their own and being self-dependent rather than depending on the company’s customer care executives while waiting for so long. These pages cover the most asked questions in which most of them are “How to” and “Wh” type of questions. So, this makes you optimize your FAQs page more so for any query a user searches online your webpage can be the first one to appear and the user can get the appropriate information.
Apart from properly optimizing the SEO pages, there are few other points that determine the rank of your FAQ Page –
      • Providing Appropriate and enough information.
      • Including Images and Videos in the solution.
      • Proper flow of the solution.
      • Providing Alternatives if something does not work.
If you follow these SEO Trends correctly and in an efficient manner your desired ranking in various search engines and you will be able to rank in any of the Search Engine Algorithms you wish.